Painting of the Barrio Where I Grew Up


Oil on Canvas.


November 3, 2015

So just when I think I have painted the most interesting and unexpected subjects, here comes this invitation from a childhood friend to paint the street we experienced in our early lives.

Well, never in my wildest dream did I imagine me painting the barrio. The idea, and the application of it surely had an effect in my psyche I am barely starting to be aware of. In fact I recommend every artist try it: paint the neighborhood were you grew up. or some thing from early childhood. Specially if you left early and travel the world calling many other places home. Then settling in a completely different land than that of childhood.

I must deeply thank my new rediscovered friend Pedro Dias. And his insight to commission this specific subject. He set my imagination free, as well as removed any reservations I had about how different we may perceive the same street after all these years. His passion and contagious enthusiasm while we shared memories helped. Then he said that even if I just wrote the word “street” on a blank canvas it would have great meaning and an important art piece would exist, that touched me and I dropped preconceptions and went to paint this version of a street in a city of a country I abandoned long ago but stayed inside nevertheless to help shape who I am. Giving the time, I would explore the subject further. Like Pedro mentioned “it is a spiritual experience” to bring forth such images of so long ago.