From Sturgeon Bay Artist to Sister Bay Artist


September 7, 2015

I am moving and will be going from a Sturgeon Bay artist to a Sister Bay artist.For 10 years, I have lived and worked in Sturgeon Bay in beautiful Door County, WI.  Sturgeon Bay served as my base for commissions throughout Wisconsin.  This included my work as a portrait artist.

As an artist, my goal is to convey the character and essence of people and places by capturing special memories and the joys of everyday living.  I also love the challenge of accepting commissions for large outdoor and indoor murals.  These often commemorated historic people and events.

I have decided to move further North into beautiful Door County and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what it was like to move my art studio from Sturgeon Bay to Sister Bay.

Why did I move?

I love Sturgeon Bay, but I missed the way I lived in my early days in Door County. After I had moved here from California I was taken in with the majesty of the woods, lakes, and other natural wonders of the peninsula.  These beauty surrounded me every day.

When I moved to Sturgeon Bay I learned about my community, developed a deeper social consciousness, and made myself more available to the public.  These were all excellent experiences, but I kept reminiscing back and longing for the landscape, flora and fauna of Northern Door. The quietness and being able to hear that silence is something that I couldn’t forget. The unique, rugged beauty of the Sister Bay area continuously inspires and motivates me and nourishes my artistic spirit.

Anyone who’s spent ten years in any one place knows how many possessions you accumulate over time.  I had collected a huge amount of materials, supplies, frames, boards, canvases, papers, and even metals to be used for my Healing Art stone series (see my website), as well as supplies for Art Classes, whether model painting, color class, or teaching design and composition. That’s just what comes to mind immediately. Sometimes, these things only served a purpose in my creative process for a specific piece. For example, sometimes I wanted to add a new component to a painting in progress – an unusual color or metallic. Other times, I discovered interesting materials and wanted to incorporate them into my art someday. The point is that a lot of stuff crowded my studio. When the time to move came, I had to vastly reduce the amount of materials to keep handy.  So, for now, much of my former studio in Sturgeon Bay is used for storage.

“No matter where or when, the prospect of creating new art, putting out to the world ideas, history, dreams, celebrated moments and events, etc. reveals the bliss, peace and wholeness that flow freely when making art.” Ram A. Rojas