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"Before too much more time passes, I want to thank [Ram] for painting the mural [at The Clearing]. Everyone I've talked to loves it. I think it completes the room. And it's a great room to complete! I can't help thinking that, somewhere, Jens Jensen is smiling. Probably Vladmir Rousseff is smiling too. I know I smile every time I look at it.

Erik and I were talking late in the day on Saturday, which is a very busy and hectic day for us. We agreed that, for us, the highlight of the celebration weekend was the unveiling of the mural on Friday. I think many people found it to be a moving experienced, even with the cell phone ringing while Ellen read her poem. I've been here for just about 11 years, and I told my wife that Friday night, after the unveiling, that it was the best event or program that I had helped organize in which I participated since being at The Clearing. I know I'll never forget it.

I hope you enjoyed your summer at The Clearing as much as we enjoyed having you here and watching the mural develop. And to paraphrase a line from Humphrey Bogart, I hope that this is the start of a beautiful relationship."
Michael J. Schneider
Executive Director
The Clearing
Dear Ram, On behalf of Bay Shore Property Owners Association, I would like to thank you for speaking at our 2016 Annual Meeting on October 1st at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club. We had 122 people attend that day -- one of the largest audiences in the nearly 20 years of BSPOA Annual Meetings! Your outstanding presentation of "Door County Murals and Beyond" was of great interest to our members. You gave a very interesting talk and prezi presentation of your past and present history, how you create your many paintings, murals, and frescos, it's intrical connection with Sturgeon Bay and Door County, all interlaced with comedic stories throughout. Thank you for sharing your time, experience, knowledge, expertise, and delightful style with the members and guests of BSPOA! We will enjoy your wonderful murals and art throughout Door County and beyond, and will have a deeper appreciation of what remarkable history you put into your work to make the beautiful masterpieces. You are truly a talent! Thank you for making BSPOA Annual Meeting such a success!
Deborah Mancuso
BSPOA Annual Meeting Chair
The portrait of my grandma Alvina that you painted almost 40 years ago is still among my most cherished works of art. She's so alive in it, it's spooky - better than a ghost!
Pat MAcdonald
Your paintings are beautiful and seem to reflect a spiritual world beyond where we all live here on earth.
Judy Brodd