Me and Foundation of Faith


artist. painter. muralist.

Ram’s ability to manage a variety of media and subject matter, ranging from beautiful, classical oils to impeccably rendered watercolors, to delicate drawings and airbrush portraits have become his trademark.

Ram was exposed to the art culture early in childhood. Because of his natural talent, at the age of 14 he was selected from his art training at the National Art Academy in Caracas to travel to the United States along with young artists from Europe, China and Australia to study at the Academy of Vedic Art in Los Angeles. After extensive study, he was invited to participate in projects and shows in Los Angeles, New York and West Virginia, where there is a permanent display of his work.

An international publishing company took notice of this very disciplined young artist. His masterful pieces became a regular part of their books and magazines covering a wide variety of interests.

Soon after, Ram traveled to Europe studying Old Master’s works, living and working mostly in Florence, Italy.

​While in Europe, Ram’s work was printed in multi-language publications around the world; illustrating history, religion, art, mythology, philosophy and science books. His publishers sent him on an educational tour of India where he studied ancient cultures, methods and theory of oriental art.

​After returning to America, Ram studied at the Barnstone Studios in Philadelphia where he consolidated his intricate, wide experience with universal basic principles of design, anatomy, composition and color theory. He then moved to California where he focused on naturalistic pieces and portraiture.

​Ram currently resides in Door County, Wisconsin where his artistry captures the unique beauty of the peninsula. He is fascinated with the beauty of everyday existence there. Things we may take for granted, hold a special quality of life and remain in the wisdom of tradition in Ram’s eyes. Ram’s integrity and dedication, combined with his unique cross-cultural exposure and inborn talent, make him an exciting contemporary artist, a valuable contribution to universal artistic expression and a Door County treasure.

Early Works by Ram Rojas

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