Thoughts & Notes From Woodwalk


June 2, 2017

“Art work is the constant thread that connects other aspects of life. My art is not so much to be interpreted but felt. It’s purpose is to lift the viewer. It serves that which is invisible and eternal. When you paint, you don’t just paint. You are painting windows into the spiritual world.” – Ram Rojas

Notes from Woodwalk Gallery:

“He produces art in many different media and of diverse subjects, to be sure. But one force seems to drive it all. Ram aims to interpret the soul of his subject matter—whether it is a portrait, a home or a Door County park. Rojas was originally trained to paint spiritual art of India. And he has painted and studied art all over the world. He was born in Venezuela, pursued art training at the National Art Academy in Caracas and continued to study and produce art in India, Italy, France, New York and Los Angeles. He came to Door County in the spring of 1990 and continues to work in a wide range of media—watercolor, acrylics, and oil paint and with materials suitable for concrete walls, doing both indoor and outdoor murals. Ram returns to Woodwalk for his second season!”