Tony and Alison Barnes Wedding


Oil on Linen.


February 24, 2014

This is my main piece during this past holiday season. It is an Oil on Linen and is currently at it’s permanent home in London.

The use of fine oils on linen is pure pleasure as the two have so much compatibility. I applied an English red underground, which sets the mood for overall atmosphere.

Many sketches were developed before starting on the canvas. At the risk of sounding too romantic, I do have a special preference for portraiture, and in particular a special occasion such as this Wedding.

It is very easy for me to give all focus to the mood and emotions that were being shared at the time and using technique and experience to bring those feelings to life. It is so much more than work to me. There has to be a new word to describe this kind of activity.

Another very special element here is the one of surprise. This portrait was commissioned by the father of the bride. At this point in my career, I am proud to say that many people trust me to create freely the impression of a most cherish moment and to utilize imagination, taste, and inspiration to come up with a painting that depicts a story, a moment, in a way that no other media could have.

Thank you to Steven Smith for this opportunity.

Ram Rojas