Mertha Fulkerson

Sharing a thought: Something that balances math and art in a real magical way


December 14, 2023
The Clearing Mural at the Jensen Center

This morning I see with both delight and humbleness that a detail of the Jensen Center mural is on the cover of The Clearing Folk School 2020 catalog.

Mathematical Art Brain

The connection between geometry and art have always fascinated me. This mural required underlying geometrical composition to tie in all the walls and its different shapes.

Being a fan of the Pi number, and currently restoring Jen Jensen’s paintings, I imagine both Mertha Fulkerson with her sensitivity for the art of textiles and Jen Jensen with its eye for architectural design, that they were aware and used lines, points, surface, solids, etc. in a way that balanced and strengthened their artistic vision.

The Jensen center mural with all its various surfaces is an example of my attempt to express aesthetics with mathematical input.

The tension between the two disciplines fuels a natural productive creativity. I’m sure Mertha found great comfort between these two fields.