Gotrock – A Favorite Place Captured on Canvas


Oil on Canvas.



“I am at the home of an art collector who is a Doctor and Professor of Neurology at UWMA. One of my paintings is in a central¬† place of this magnificent home.

In conversations I am often asked if I would ever paint more pieces like the one above. My answer is this: “I would love to do that.” The replication of an experience is not that easy. I was at my friends’ Lois Smith’s farm in Wittenberg. I was watching her dog and her daughter Pam’s dog for the weekend. With the dogs and some food I spent one day in my favorite spot at Gotrock’s farm. This landscape was the result of that day and the peace and joy I experienced there and then.

Gotrock farm is a mayor influence in my life. The beauty, peace, and natural setting provides an atmosphere conducive to expansion of the imagination and pure creativity. I have been fortunate to have had many visits to Gotrock. First as an artist and assistant member of the Walls of Wittenberg mural society. And as personal friend of the Smith family (owners).

Why is it my favorite spot: ” The farm has trails which I enjoyed many times. The spot from where this painting was created is towards one of the edges and at some altitude, so the view into the heart of the small forest that thrives there brought joy to me every time I stop to look at it.”


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