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Love On Holiday at The Miller Art Museum  Friday, 02-01-2019 – Thursday, 02-14-2019 30+ songwriters take inspiration from local artists in a one-of-a-kind pairing of image and song as The Holiday Music Motel hosts its 8th annual celebration of the togetherness that only weather-bound isolation can bring… Two nights, two different shows Fri-Sat Feb 8 & 9, 2019 at 7:30pm at Third Avenue Playhouse in the heart of historic downtown Sturgeon Bay. The pop-up art exhibit runs from February 1 – 14, 2019 at the Miller Art Museum.

Malcolm X is beginning to get some Color

Malcolm, along with the surrounding images, is beginning to get light and dark.  The surrounding images vaguely resemble known other activists around the civil rights movement era. As is known, my immersion in the subjects that I paint gets to be so focus that we are on first name basis!

Short and Quick Update on the Mural

As much time as this is taken, I can’t ignore the pleasure of developing a composition where the subjects are alive with movement and no taking straight out of one picture. It stiffens everything and makes for disconnected and plain bad composition. Focusing on our heroes integrates everything into a harmonious soul and sends a message of unity to the subconscious of the viewer. I’m still working with color balance for this. Finally, I feel honored to have to absorb my mind and would in these personalities. It is definitely cathartic.

Everyday is My Birthday SIGNED Prints For Sale

Email me if you’re interested in a SIGNED print of the painting “Everyday is My Birthday.”   It’s an 11×14 print signed by me and can be yours for only $45 plus shipping.  It was conceived and painted through a series of stages. The little girl representing our own being living and creating our own world, our reality.

Ripon College Mural is Moving Forward

The idea for the Ripon College mural continues to evolve. Now a more simple (4 characters) composition, with more telling power. The symbols around the subjects explain clearly who and why they are inspirational to many today. For Cesar Chavez there are fields and farms and around Maya Angelou there are books , pen, and an eagle soars over them; which I doubt it needs any explanation. Around Malcolm X there will people listening to him. Lastly, Mahatma Gandhi will be pictured with majestic mountains, and above him the famous spinning wheel, a symbol of peaceful resistance. The students, coordinator and myself agreed there must be a person in the […]