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I am Back at The Clearing Winter Program

I am teaching for The Clearing Winter program Art Appreciation Class.  It is 1pm to 4 pm on these February dates: February 6th February 13th February 20th February 27th The attached photo is of The Clearing Folk School Catalog.  It shows the historic mural I painted.

Woodwalk Gallery Notes on Ram Rojas

Art work is the constant thread that connects other aspects of life. My art is not so much to be interpreted but felt. It’s purpose is to lift the viewer. It serves that which is invisible and eternal. He produces art in many different media and of diverse subjects, to be sure. But one force seems to drive it all. Ram aims to interpret the soul of his subject matter—whether it is a portrait, a home or a Door County park. Rojas was originally trained to paint spiritual art of India. And he has painted and studied art all over the world. He was born in Venezuela, pursued art training at the National Art Academy in Caracas and continued to study and […]

The 2017 Winter Program for The Clearing

Here is an excerpt from the 2017 Winter Program at the Clearing: The Winter Program offers 92 day-classes in January and February. In addition to offering an impressive selection of classes, the Winter Program represents something unique and wonderful about Door County, an amazing group of volunteer instructors who generously share their time, along with their considerable talent, for the benefit of the community. So bring on the snow and the cold. Now over 650 strong, you won’t meet a more friendly or hardier group of people than Clearing students in Winter!

If You Paint It, They Will Come

“If You Paint It, They Will Come” is the headline of a recent article in the April/May 2017 OurWisconsin magazine.  It ‘s an article about the Wittenberg and the murals that are painted there.  I have included a picture of the article here.

Lord Caytania dancing with Forest Animals

My paintings from the Hindu period are published and shared on the Web. A publication called Avatar Art was just released. Compiled in Sweden and been published all over. This painting of Lord Caytania dancing with forest animals is at the Villa Machiavelli (now named Villa Vrindaban) in Florence, Italy were I painted in early 1980s.