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Bailey’s Harbor Mural Up!

I’ve uploaded pictures of the Bailey’s Harbor Mural to it’s own gallery.  You can find a link to it here or on the left side email main menu.   Ceiling mural at Stone Cottage, Ephraim, Door County

stone cottage mural

Wittenberg Revisited An American Fresco

Ten years ago I was invited by a newly form art society to paint the first of what they intended to be a series of murals. Their purpose being to enlarge the towns culture and understanding of their heritage, as well as to bring beauty and commerce to the area. I felt the first mural needed to reflect well the essence of Wittenberg’s character. Also it had to be something to cherish for long time to come (no tasteless garishness or billboard like colors. Something that all, art lovers, connoisseurs, as well as the folks living here and all around that may visit would find it a meditative peaceful viewing […]

Ripon Mural – Color Composition

The color composition received a lot of preparation (color sketches) discussion( meaning of color in psychology and spirituality). Finally, on the wall I went back and forth to achieve the right transitions. Many layers to get those indescribable hues

Cesar Chavez

The last and by no means least. Cesar Chavez is well known for his dedication to helping farmers organized and received proper pay. But the man was much more than union leader. A deeper study of his life further reveals a progressive spirit of wide vision and heart